BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2023 Urgent

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2023: The Korea Lottery Result 2023 presents a remarkable chance for Bangladeshi individuals aspiring to journey to South Korea affordably. Facilitated by the South Korean government’s EPS Program, administered by BOESL, this initiative seeks skilled workers from abroad. In 2023, the Korea Lottery invited 8400 nominees through BOESL BD’s online lottery procedure. The BOESL Lottery Result 2023, unveiled by HRD Korea, divulges comprehensive insights into the selection mechanism for the Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2023. This avenue signifies a valuable prospect for individuals pursuing opportunities in South Korea’s workforce.

BOESL Lottery Result 2023

The eagerly awaited Korea Visa Lottery Result is set to be published on December 12, 2023. This pivotal announcement holds immense significance for individuals aspiring to secure a visa for Korea, opening doors to various opportunities. As this date approaches, applicants are encouraged to stay tuned for the outcome, which could potentially shape their future endeavors.

Korea BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration 2023

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BOESL EPS Lottery result 2023

BOESL EPS Lottery Result
BOESL Korea Lottery Result
Korea Lottery Result
BOESL Korea Lottery Result

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2023 PDF Download

BOESL lottery result 2022 Download

The online registration result for the South Korea Work Visa Lottery 2023 through EPS-TOPIK can be accessed on the official website BOESL facilitates the Korean Visa Online Registration 2023. The EPS-TOPIK CBT South Korea Visa’s online registration and application form will be available on August 22 and 24, 2023. The online application process commences at 10:00 AM and concludes at 5:00 PM. This period marks a crucial opportunity for individuals seeking employment in South Korea.

BOESL Korea Lottery Result and After Process

Passport and Photo Size system
BOESL Korea Lottery Result

In April 2023, South Korea is set to unveil the eagerly awaited visa issuance results. Aspiring applicants are strongly advised to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of the online application system and the registration process. This encompasses the qualifications required and the entitlements of applying for a Korean visa. Candidates aspiring to work in South Korea are informed that the EPS TOPIK CBT 2023 exam is scheduled from April to June 2023. To streamline the selection process, a preliminary online registration is slated for March 6, 2023, through the official BOESL website,, or, with specific eligibility criteria. For comprehensive details, individuals are encouraged to explore the websites above.

To apply for the Korea Visa through the 2023 lottery, follow these steps: Begin the registration process for the South Korea Visa 2023 lottery. Stay updated with the South Korea Lottery Exam Result 2023 for visiting Korea. Explore opportunities with the South Korea Work Visa Lottery 2023.

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2023

The BOESL Korea Lottery represents a significant opportunity for many in Bangladesh. Annually, the Korean authority releases this lottery, and participants eagerly await the BOESL Results after completing their registration. The upcoming BOESL Lottery results are anticipated to be unveiled in June 2023. The 2022 BOESL results have already been published on the official website: The lottery’s final selection process involves a Korean Language test as the initial step, followed by a skill competency assessment. Once the Final Selection Result is obtained, it will be displayed on the BOSEL notice board and our website. Detailed information regarding the Korea Lottery is available on the official BOESL page:

BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2023

The outcome will be determined through a computerized lottery draw system if applications surpass 8400. The draw result will be available online.

A cohort of 12,000 candidates has been chosen. Only these selected individuals are eligible for BOSEL EPS-TOPIK Final Registration. Stay tuned for result updates, which will be posted here. Kindly follow this post for further information.

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To access your results, you can use your Passport Number for searching. Download the relevant document for detailed information about the Korea Visa Lottery Result and Final Registration.


Individuals who have been selected for the Korean Visa Lottery will be required to finalize their registration through an online process.

The chosen applicants must personally visit the Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited (BOESL) to obtain the final registration form. This should be done along with all the necessary documents.

Registration Information and Summary:

Registration Time:
Location:Probashi Kallyan Bhaban, 1st Floor, Dhaka
BOESL Korea Lottery Result

Please refer to the official website for specific details regarding the registration time, date, venue, and other particulars.

Must Bring these documents:

  • Filled up the Registration Form
  • Color Photocopy or a print copy of the Registered Passport as like Form 1 and Form 2
  • 5 × 4.5 C.M. Sized 2 Copies Colored Photograph (Recent Photo within 6 Months)
  • Registration Fee ( 2000 T.K. Pay Order from Sonali Bank Limited, Any Mahanagar Branch in favor of BOESL, Dhaka)

Selection Process:

  • First Round Exam (EPS- TOPIK)
  • Second Round Exam (Skill Test and Competency Test)

The final selection will be determined based on the higher scores in these two exams.

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