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BOESL South Korea Registration: The 2023 Korea BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT online registration results are out. The designated form fill-up dates for EPS TOPIK CBT online registration have been unveiled. The eagerly awaited Korea BOESL lottery results will be disclosed shortly. These outcomes will also be accessible on our website. If you’re interested, the EPS TOPIK CBT Korea online registration form 2023 can be found on our platform. Stay tuned for the forthcoming lottery announcement, and check our website for updates.

EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration 2023

They are announcing the much-anticipated EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration Result for 2023. The BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration Form fill-up period for 2023 is scheduled from 6th June (Tuesday) to 8th June (Thursday). However, due to server issues, numerous enthusiastic applicants could not register during the designated timeframe. Recognizing these individuals’ genuine interest and deserving nature, the BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT authority has made a commendable decision. A unique opportunity will be extended to those affected, allowing them to participate in this significant endeavor. Your commitment and enthusiasm matter; we are dedicated to ensuring a fair chance for all deserving candidates.

9th recruitment circular of foreign workers in Korea

Korea Circular published:4th June (Sunday) 2023.
Starting Date of Online Korea Registration:6th June (Tuesday) 2023 at 1000 am.
Ended Date of Online Korea Registration:8th June (Thursday) 2023 at 0400 pm.
Lottery by HRD Korea:11th June (Sunday) 2023 at 1100 am.
Final Registration Notice Publish Date:11th June (Sunday) 2023 at 0400 pm.
Date of Individual Exam [1st Step]:11th June (Sunday) 2023 to 1st June (Thursday) 2023.
Final Registration Date:13th June (Tuesday) 2023 to 25th June (Sunday) 2023.
Date of Individual Exam:7th July (Friday) 2023.
EPS TOPIC Program:25th July (Tuesday) 2023 to 13th September (Wednesday) 2023.
EPS TOPIC Result Publish:22nd September (Friday) 2023.
Boesl South Korea Registration

8th recruitment circular of foreign workers in Korea

Boesl Korea Lottery Circular

BOESL Result 2023 registration

কোরিয়া যাওয়ার সার্কুলার হয়েছে, রেজিস্ট্রেশন নিয়ে বিস্তারিত জানতে আমাদের গ্রুপে জয়েন করুন।

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Korea EPS Online Registration Notice 2023

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BOESL Korea Lottery Online Registration 2023

BOESL Korea Lottery Online Registration
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Boesl South Korea Registration
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Boesl South Korea Registration

South Korea Lottery 2023

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Boesl South Korea Registration

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Boesl South Korea Registration

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Visa Advice / N.O.C. / Work Permit

Kindly forward documents such as Visa Advice, N.O.C., or Work Permit issued by the relevant authority permitting the employment of Bangladeshi workers in the respective country to BOESL for processing.

BOESL Registration 2023

HRD Korea Bangladesh Employment Deed

Please ensure that the provided Standard Employment Contract, composed in English, is submitted to BOESL. This contract must meticulously outline the following conditions with absolute clarity:

  • Wages/Salary
  • Working hour
  • Overtime Allowance
  • Traveling Expenses
  • Medical Facilities
  • Provisions for sustenance and lodging: (Employers are typically required to furnish complimentary nutrition and housing for unskilled and semi-skilled workers. Should such amenities be unavailable, appropriate provisions for food allowances or cooking facilities must be arranged. While individuals of advanced technical or professional acumen are exempt from mandatory accommodation and meal offerings, they are entitled to ample allowances in lieu thereof).
  • Scheduled Rest Days and Yearly Breaks
  • The remaining stipulations shall adhere to the Labor Regulations of the host nation, while employers are obligated to establish a formal accord with the enlisted personnel.

Pact of Agency

The employer holds the option to engage in an Agency Agreement with BOESL. This contractual arrangement delineates the duties of each entity, outlining all stipulations necessary for the seamless and lawful execution of the migration procedure.

Boesl Registration Selection Procedure: A Comprehensive Overview

  • Advertisement of Vacancies:
  • Upon receipt of genuine demand letters via Bangladesh Missions abroad or directly from employers, BOESL employs various methods to gather CVs. These processes involve soliciting applications now, collaborating with embassies, utilizing multimedia advertising, leveraging agent networks, and conducting industry-specific outreach. These strategic approaches ensure a diverse pool of candidates aligns for employer evaluation, reflecting BOESL’s commitment to precision in candidate selection.
  • Newspaper advertisement
  • Advertisement through the website.
  • Advertisement on Notice Board
  • Job Seeker from Data Bank of BOESL
  • From Specialized Departments.

Boesl South Korea Registration BD Service Charge:

BOESL imposes a nominal service charge exclusively on the ultimately chosen candidates sanctioned for overseas employment by the authoritative body. Notably, the employer bears no compulsion to remit any fees or commissions to BOESL for recruitment endeavors. Should the employer allocate compensation, BOESL refrains from levying charges upon the labor force. The service charge spectrum spans USD 150 to USD 850, contingent upon worker categories, host countries, and contextual variables. The Board of Directors retains the prerogative to evaluate and adjust the service charge, ensuring timely revisions by evolving requisites.

CategoryIf Airfare is provided by the EmployerIf the employer does not provide Airfare
Un-Skilled25,000 BDT17,000 BDT
Skilled35,000 BDT25,000 BDT
Professional60,000 BDT45,000 BDT
BOESL South Korea Registration Selection of Candidates

Employers or their designated delegates orchestrate interviews and trade assessments to culminate in the ultimate candidate selection process bolstered by BOESL’s indispensable aid and logistical facilitation. This encompasses issuing interview cards, staging optimal interview/written test locales, and even hands-on trade evaluations if warranted. BOESL ardently advocates for the direct engagement of employers or their representatives in workforce selection. However, in instances where the employer deems fit, BOESL retains the capacity to assume the mantle of candidate selection through its panel of adept specialists, ensuring a professional and reasonable selection process.

Korea Online Registration Medical Test

The candidates who have successfully emerged as the final selections are directed to undergo comprehensive medical evaluations within the precincts of designated and authorized Medical Centers. These medical assessments predominantly transpire at facilities duly registered by the Embassies of the employers’ respective nations, ensuring meticulous adherence to medical standards and protocols.

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