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Bangladesh Election Commission Published Final Voter List For Election. Many People Want to download This Voter List to collect all information. They also want to download national ID cards by voter number. That’s why we provide easy instructions on downloading this voter list. So read the article very carefully, Voter List of Bangladesh download.

What is the Voter List?

Many people don’t know what the voter list is! Every country has many people. They need a person selected to administrate his country. To choose those persons, people need to vote for some candidate. For this voting system, people make a list, and this is called a voter list.

Why need a Voter list of Bangladesh download

People need to know about Our Country and how many voters are in this nation. Every candidate needs to see this counting for their area. If he knows this, he can contact the people who want to vote for him. This world is now fully digital, and people need a voter list to download national ID cards online using voter numbers.

Moreover, people need a voter list when they want to change their voter area; they need to fill out 13 No forms. To fill out this form, you need voter numbers and more information. So, everyone needs to download the voter list for many works.

We provide this information to everyone for help. At present, people need this voter list. Please read this article and check the process below to download it if you need it.

Where we found the Voter List

ECS published this information on the official website of the election commission. When you enter this official website, you can see the upper side; at present, you know the main bar of this website. They are an option for checking all Voter Area Lists, which one you need to check and download.

You can also find this voter list in every district or Upazilla’s official website. They also published his Upazillas Voter List in the database. People can collect it for free.

Voter List of Bangladesh

Voter List Information 2024: There are currently 119,689,289 voters in the country. Of them, 60,769,741 are men and 58,918,699. According to this official voter list unveiled Thursday (Jan 4), there are 849 Hijra in Bangladesh.

Voter List Example
Voter List Example


Every Person with attention to getting this list quickly is to go to the Union Parishad to get your Voter number. Every Union Parishad called the complete list of his area. Go there and contact an employee. They help you find your name and number in the voter list if you want it straightforwardly.

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