Prize Bond Draw Result | 114th Result Urgent Published

The Bangladesh Bank’s 114th Prize Bond Draw Result 2024 will be announced in 2024. This result will be available on the official Bangladesh Bank website at Additionally, we will also publish this result on our website. The 114th Prize Bond Draw Result 2023 by Bangladesh Bank is set to be revealed in 2024. This event will take place at the Dhaka Commissioner Conference Room.

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Draw list

Winning prize bond holders will receive dividends in various categories, each offering BDT 100. All sequences within these series will include prizes for the 1st to 5th positions.

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1st to 5th Prize List of Bangladesh Prize Bond:

  • 1st Prize of Prize Bond: BDT. 6 Lac for each series
  • 2nd Prize of Prize Bond: BDT. 6 Lac & 25 Thousand for each series
  • 3rd Prize of Prize Bond: BDT. 1 Lac for each series
  • 4th Prize of Prize Bond: BDT. 50 Thousand for each series
  • 5th Prize of Prize Bond: BDT. 10 Thousand for each series

What is a Prize Bond?

In an effort to encourage saving habits, the Department of National Savings introduced the “Bangladesh Prize Bond” in 1972, commonly known as a Lottery Bond. Anyone can purchase a Prize Bond lottery ticket. It’s important to note that this lottery ticket differs from the ones sold as “jodi laigga jay” by ‘Kriya Unnayan Tahabil’ in the market! Prize Bonds offer the convenience of easy conversion into cash at any time.

When is the draw held?

The Bangladesh Bank conducts Prize Bond Draw results four times annually, specifically on January 31st, April 30th, July 30th, and October 31st. Each series comprises 1,000,000 prize bonds, totaling around 26 series.

113th Prize Bond Draw Result 2023

Prize Bond Draw Result

Prize Bond Draw Result 2024

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How to collect the prize money

Inform the bank to receive a designated form if you win the Prize Bond Lottery draw. Upon completing the form, expect to receive your prize money within two months. However, remember that a 20% tax applies to your prize money.

The Bangladesh Government is promoting savings by offering prize bonds valued at Tk. 100 each.

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