Italy Visa Apply 2022 | Italy Work Visa & Agriculture Visa Application Form

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Italy Visa Apply 2022 | Italy Work Visa & Agriculture Visa Urgent Application Form. Bangladeshis can legally enter Italy on seasonal visa after 8 years. As a result, the way for workers to come to Italy for a short period on seasonal visas from Bangladesh, which has been blacklisted since 2012, has been opened.

Italy Visa Apply 2022

This year in total 30850 workers in the country will get the opportunity to enter this category. On October 22, 2022, first phase and second category application will start online on October 27. The application period will end on December 31. On Monday, the government published a gazette called Decreto Flusi 2020 in this regard. In the new gazette, workers from Bangladesh and Pakistan, which are blacklisted, have been allowed to enter Italy.

According to the published gazette, workers from 30 countries including Bangladesh can come to Italy in two categories. Among them, 12850 workers can come on sponsor visa. Application in this category will start from 22 October 2022. 18000 workers can come in agriculture and tourism and hotel sector. The application for this category will start from October 27. However, the form can be filled online from Tuesday.

Earlier, from June 1 to August 15, 2022, the government has submitted applications for legalization of illegal immigrants in the country. There were 270,000 applications received, although the government wanted to legalize more than 500,000 immigrants. Due to strict conditions, not everyone can apply.

Bangladesh was blacklisted since 2012, so workers were not allowed to come to Italy legally. After eight long years, the opportunity for illegal entry of workers has been created through the publication of this gazette of the current government of immigrant-friendly Italy.

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