BTS Jungkook Biography 2022 | Girlfriend, Net worth Urgent

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BTS Jungkook Biography 2022 | Girlfriend, Net worth. we can describe front you about bts jungkook lifestyle. jeon jungkook girlfriend , net worth and biography and unknown facts. bellow are the information. first we are talking about jeon jungkook’s personal life. his birth name is jeon jungkook and his stage name jungkook.nick name:jungkookie(suga calls him a lot),golden maknae,kookie. his blood type A+. his occupation is dancer, singer ,songwriter,sub-rapper.

BTS Jungkook Biography 2022

he is active in his profession is 2013 to present. his instuments is vocals,piano,guitar,drams and his genre is kpop or hiphop. his date of birth is september 1,1997 and at present his real age is 24 years. his birth place is mandeok -dong,busan,south korea tha’s why his nationality is he is south korean.his religion: probably christian,how ever it has not been confirmed yet. he attends a christan-based high school.

his zordiac sign is virgo and ethnicity is asian. he is a south korean boy because his hometown name is mandeok- dong,busan,south korea.know some unknown facts about jungkook end of the article .please stay tuned until we are talking about his body statistics. his heieght:5 feet 10 inches and his weight:68 kg. his natural eye co;our is dark brown and his natural hair colour is dark brown.distinctive features:boyish good looks. his school name is baek yang middle school and seoul performing art high school. he is currently studying at global cyber university with other members. educational qualification:graduate.

now we arw takling about his family details. his father and mather is unknown. his elder brother jeon jung -hyun. his marrital staus is he is singel.sexuality:straight. his first album name is 2 cool 4 school(2013) and his first tv show is after school club (2013). middle of that article now we are describe front you about his money factor. his salary is unknown but his net worth is 20 million dollar. in october of 2018 jungkook purchasing an apartment in the10 south korea for 7.63 billion south korean 1750940 us dollars. his favorite singers name is justin bieber,

BTS Jungkook Biography Update

troye sivan,iu,charlie puth. his favorite avenger: iron man and his favorite video game over watch. favorite food is meat and anything with flour pizza bread etc. his favorite drink is banana milk. his hobbies video editing golden closet films, photography , discovering new music and makeing covers travelings. his favorite colour is black, white, red, yellow. 22 cool 4 school (released date:june 12,2013), school luv affair( released date:february 12,2014),dark and wild (released date:august 19,2014),wake up (releaes date:december 24,2014),the most beautifull moment in life,part 1 (release date :april 29,2015),the most beautifull moment in life part(release datenovember 30,2015),the most beautifull moment in life’young forever( release date :may 2 2016)

youth(japanese album) release date:september 7,2016,wings (release date: october 10,2016),love yourself:her(release date:september 18,2017),face yourself(releasse date:april 4,2018) ,love yourself tear( release date:may 18,2018),love yourself anser( release date:august 24,2018),map of the soul :persona(release date:april 12,2019),map of the soul:7(release date:february 21,2020),be(releas date:november 20,2020) are his album name.

now we are talking some other facts about jungkook.under bts he has sung there solo songs;the first pop track”begin”from the 2016 album wings.the second, afuture bass song titled ”euphoria”,was released with an accompanying nine-minutessshort film on april 5,2018,as the introduction to the third part of bts ”love yoursrlf”series.the third ”my time”. jungkook has been credited as the main producer for two of bts songs”love is not over” and ”magic shop”.on october 25,2018 ,

jungkook (together with the rest of the bts members)was ordained with the fifth-class hwagwan order of cultural merit by the president of south korea.on november 6,2018,jungkook performed ”we don’t talk anymore”with original singer charlie puth in a special collaboration stage during the mbc plus x genie music awards.before that jungkook cover ”we don’t talk anymore”with jimin.jungkook has had some fancy cars in the past ,but his preferred brand is mercedes-benz.

he has a weird habit where he sniffles a lot because of his rhinitis.he also wriggles his fingers a lot.jeon jungkook shoe size is 270 mm.he likes the number 1.he said to bea very skilled cook.he dislike testeless things,bugs,getting hurt,studying.he speaks korean,japaneseand english(basic).in 7 grade,jungkook learned b -boying in aclub with some friends and hyungs.

BTS Jungkook Biography With Net worth

his favorite weather is sunny weather with a cool 10 years jungkook wan’ts to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattoist. in the middle school , he went to superstar k auditions (where he sng iu’s lost child) but failed to pass the elimination round. on the way back home ,he received offers from eoght different entertainment agencies.

after randomly seeling and falling in love with future member rap monster’s rap, he decided to join big hit entertainment. jungkook role model is g-dragon(bigbang). his dream ,when he was younger, was to became a badminiton player. in the 1st year of high school ,he listened to g – dragon’s songsand changed his dream to became a singer.jungkook musical inspirations justin bieber,justin timberlake and usher. his mootto is.”living without passion is like being dead. he loves to read books specialy he love es reading comic books.jeon jungkook can play games on two computers at once.

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bts jimin says that jungkook smiles when he swears.jungkook owns a dog named gureum. about school subjects ,jungkook diskikes everything exceptphysical education ,art ,and music class.all the bts members are saying that jungkook’s dorm room is the messiest but jungkook denies it.jungkook like s collecting bluetooth speakers. he said he usually doesn’t exercise a lot but startedwarking out after seeing taehung and jay park.

BTS Jungkook Photos Download

the member who’s most simillar to him : ”v hyung.he’s random , our comedic cords match well ,and i think our personalities are similar.” jungkook is also extremely popular on social media amongest fans. in december 2018 , a video of himsinging in the studio became the most retweeted tweet in south korea thatyear. jungkook was 2019 ‘s most searched male kpop idol on google according to their mid -year chart.

he topped that chart again in 2020 and was the most searched kpop idol on youtube in 2019 and 2020. on tumblr ,he ranked 1st in top kpop stars for 3 consecutive years. on twitter, he had the most retweeted tweet of 2019 and the 2nd most retweeted tweet of 2020.jungkook ranked 13 th in the ” top 100 most handsome faces of 2017”. 2nd on 2018 ,”1st on 2019 and 4 th 0n 2020.

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