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BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography 2022. if you want to know about bts jin ,we can provied you about bts jin lifestyle ,biography,net worth, and age. so stay tuned.bts jin introduction: his real name is kim seok -jin and his nick name is jin,kim.but now he is known as bts jin beacuse he is a succesfull bts member.his date of birth is 4 december 1992 and his present age is 30 of birth is gwacheon,gyenoggi -do,south korea.he is a south korean boy. his religion is Christian. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography 2022

his blood type is o.bts jin’s zodiac sign is sagittarius.he has no girlfriend 99(publicaly) and his marital status is, he is his profession ,he is singer and song writer. according to the bts members ,jin has the perfect and best body. his familly consists of his parents and an older brother.he is 5 feet 11 inche. while in junior school,jin was apparoached by sm entertainment off the street ,but he rejected the ofter at the time ,believing to be a scam. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

he originally wanted to be an actor ,attending konkuk university and graduating with a degree in art and acting on february 22, seok-jin was apporached by big hit entertainment for his looks while walking down that time ,jin was studing acting and had no background in music.

when jin joing bts as a bts member

on 13 june 2013,jin amade his debut as one of the four vocalists in bts. jin say one word ,he is say this word”i can see others, but not myself if i ‘ve grown from all this experience, that’s because my guy’s were there to push me ahead”.kimseok -jin is better known by his stage name jin. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

he is a record producer ,singer and songwriter under big hit entertainment and big hit is a musical entertainment company. he is a philanthropist. kim seok jin was scouted for BTS while in university and joined as a actor in big hit entertainment he is a vocalist and visualist in BTS. he released 3 self produced songs:” tonight ”in 2019,” abys ”in 2020 and ”super tuna” in 2021 -as asolo artist.

he is the oldest member in BTS. and as a army you may happy to hear the news that is ”BTS is the biggest boy band in the earth and everyarmy is say this word BTS is the kpop king. jin chose v as the bts member thet he’s closest to. v describes jin like hidetoshi from doraemon.jin and jungkook bicker a lot.jin is the most popular member in bts in korea for his outstanding visuals BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

BTS jin’s religonal fact and net worth

his religion is christianity .gender:male. his net worth is 8.9 million usd.his sexual orientation is straight. he is a singel guy that mean’s he has no girlfriend. in his marital status , he is unmarried.jin’s heiegt is 5 feet 11 inches and his weight is 63 kg. his natural hair colour is black. his natural eye colour is black. in the old drom,jin was usually the bts member in charge of cleaning. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

BTS jin ‘s education and his fan followers

his school name is bosung high school.his university name is konkuk university. jin has a good educational qualification because he finish his graduation . during primary school his favorite subject was physical education. he also learned snowboarding as his father was a ski lover. he really got into gaming ehen he was in the 1 st year of middle school. when jin was littel ,he wanted to be a we are talking about BTS jin fan followers. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

he is very populer among young generation.he has a huge fan followers arround the world . he has 759,871 followers in facebook. he has 8.2 million followers in instagram.he has 673.2 k followers in twitter.jin is also known for his ”traffic dance”. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

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familly details and his favorite thinks

now we are talking about his famillt. his familly consists of his parents and an older brother. his brother name is kim seok joong. when his father went on buiness trips,he used to take jin with him,so he visited a he satarted playing super mario when he was five years old and maple story in seven grade and still palsys them. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

he loves super mario toys so much that he even asjked his friends to buy him one. favorite music genre is black. his favorite food name is meat, lobster,chicken ramen,Jjapaguri and fatty fooods. his favorite colour name is black and blue.skiting , play video games,surfing, snowboarding and hiking all these are his hobbies . BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

jin also like disney princesseses. jin’s favorite thing is cooking and he is a master cook. jin likes to took photos,read recipies.jin’s favorite number is 4. jin’s favorite weather is a sunny spring day. he likes to eat. jin’s favorite things: maple story action figures,super mario action figures,nintendo games. his favorite colour used to be pink. jin had a dog named jjanggu.jin’s like alpacas.jin can’t watch horror movies. once he watched a horror movie during his first year in college,and ended up clinging to the person next to him.jin likes strawberries,but he doesn’t like strawberry flavored things.jin once said that looking at bug’s is no’t scaey but if they get on the body,then it’s scary.

his straugaling time

now we are describe his straugaling time. he struggal a lot when he join BTS beacuse he dosn’t know about dance. that time his dancing and singing skills was so bad.that’s why he practise more then other member. when the other member sleping in the midnight he was wake up for practise.he do hard works to grew up himself and now he is a succesfull bts member. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

other members say that jin has the longest legs in the group.jin is confident in his own appearance, especially his lower lip and broad shoulders. jin’s shoulder width is 60 cm. at present time he can speaks chiness(mandarin).jin can open bag of chips with his feet. jin wears really strong prescription glasses, but he does n’t like them because he they make him feel insecure. jin wakes up 2 hours earlier than the rest of the members. jin learned to play the guitar and the piano.

jin’s album details and his habit

now we are talking about bts jin release album name. the first album name that jin bought was ‘girls generation. 2 cool 4 skool( released date:june 12 2013), skool luv affair(release date),dark and wild (release date:august 19 ,2014) ,wake up ( release date: december 24,2014), the most beautifull moment in life part 1(release date: april29,2015),the most beautifull moment in life part 2 (release date: november 30 ,2015),the most beautifull moment in life: BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

young forever (release date: may 2,2016), youth (japanese album) release date: september 7,2016, wings(relase date: october 10,2016),love yourself :her (release date:september 18,2017), face yourself (release date:april 4,2018),love yourself:tear(release date: may 18,2018),love yourself anser (release date:august 24,2018),map of the soul :persona(release date:april 12,2019),map of the soul:(release date: february 21,2020),be(release date:november 20,2020), all these are bts jin’s album name.jin has a habit of blinking his left eye when he’s hungry. the model of behavior for jin was t.o.p from bigbang.

bts jin other amazing fact’s

bts jin was ranked 62 th in the ”top 100 most handsome faces of 2017” and jin was ranked 2th in the ”top 100 most handsome asian faces in 2020”. he is always say this word in his introduction ”my name is jin and iam world wild handsome”. he is the most funnyest member in bts . he is the second tollest boy in bts. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

he loves his handsome face a lot. he looks nice without makeup. jin has a habit where if he makes eye contact with anyone for more then 3 seconds,he winks at them. jin is the first idol to hit 100 million hearts on a solo vlive. jin revealed his shoulder’s are 60 cm wide. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

In 2018, he was ranked as the 11st most well-known idol in south korea. since may 2018,jin has been a monthly donor to unicef korea,requsting that his donation’s be private at the time. they were enentually publicized followinghis induction into the unicef honors club in may 2019 for donating over 100 million . jin has crooked fingers.jin always wins starting contests. jin is bad at lying. BTS Jin Lifestyle Biography

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