BTS Jimin Biography 2022 | Age, Weight, Height, Net Worth Urgent

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BTS Jimin Biography 2022

BTS Jimin Biography 2022: we can probied you about bts jimin ,if you want to know about bts jimin. bellow are the information about bts jimin we are talking about park jimin girlfriend,net worth , biography and unknown fact’s. bellow are the information about park jimin’s biography ,life stayle and amazing fact’s. so stay tuned with us.

Who is park jimin

park jimin is a talented bts member. this is astory about a boy who rpse to the top with pure hard work and determation the boy ,who was n’t even half as well known as aoa jimin.he spent all his time in a basement practice room with no life outside of it.and now he is a global top artist with a countless fans around the world. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

today we”ll be exploring jimin off bts. the popularity of jimin and btd is sensational to say the least,as the world has witnessed throughout their achievements,from appearing on dick clark’s new year’s rocking eve along with other top celebrities to performing at the grammy awards ceremoney.but,did you know that jimin almost didn’t make it to debut lineup of bts? when he was in 6 gdrade he dreamed of becoming asinger after seeing aperformance of kpop artist ‘Rain’.determined to make his dream come true , jimin started to devote his time in dance practice. he was actually so gifted in dancing that he enrolled in the modern dance department of busan high school of arts as a top student .

park jimin’s education

jimin was extremely well known in school at the time because it was the first tme in the school history that the school welcomed anew class of freshmen where someone in the class modern dance depatment entered the school as a top student . even after he entered the school,

it is said that jimin remained either at the top or school of the department in his freshman year.he won the schoolarships, and the school even provided support for a study abroad program as well,so you can tell he was some what of a golden child.but jimin’s dream is to became a singer, so he went for auditions.and after passing them ,he moved from busan to seoul and became a trainee at big hit entertainment to become an idol. his school name is busan high school and at present he done his graduation.

jimin’s song and dance

did you know that jimin had never sung before joining bighit?originally he was not a singer that his very first vocals practice song was one of the tracks for bts debut album .but starting with the ”most beautifull moment in life album ,there have been many vocal -focused songs by bts,and jimin ‘s vocal abilities started to shine. BTS Jimin Biography 2022


over time ,jimin’s part has become moreand more prominent in titel tracks,and in the song ” i need you girl ”, he got the most significant part of the song.and then for the song’ blood sweat and tears’,jimin beautifully showcased the abilities in the intro,which is still massively lived by fans.with amazing danceskills as well as singing skills,jimin became’s one step closer to being a fantastic all-round enterainer .jimis fan always say this word ‘jimin is a dance master’. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

bts jimin personal life

his birth name is park ji -min and his stage name is jimin.his nick name is chim chim, baby mochi. his blood type is A.occupation:songwriter,singer,dancer. in his profession he is active :2013 to present.his instruments is vocals and his genre is kpop ,hiphop. his date of birth :october 13,1995 and his present age is 26 years( in 2022). park jimin’s birth place is geumjeong,busan,south korea and that’s why his nationality is south korean.religion: jimin has not directly spoken about his faith, fans speculate that he may be catholic or chirstian. his zordiac sign is libra and his ethnicity is asian. his hometown name is geumjeong,busan,south korea.

bts jimin body statistics

now we are talking about bts jimin body statistics.his height is 5 feet 8.5 inches and his weight is 62 kg. his natural eye colour is dark brown. his natural hair colour is black. he has a good frome educational qualificaton because he is graduate. his school name is busan high school of arts.currently he is studing at global cyber university with other members. his father and mother is unknown.distictive features-his outlandish hair colours.park ji -hyun (younger bother).marital status:unmarried.his first album -2 cool 4 skool in 2013, first tv show is rookie king; channel bangtan in 2013. his manthly salary is unknown but his net worth is 20 million dollar.

bts jimin favorite things

his favorite superhero is hulk. his favorite song name is only look at me by taehung . his favorite fashion brand gucci. favorite food : pork,duck,chicken, fruit,and kimchi jjigae. his favorite actors are johnny deep, and morgan freeman. his favorite singer : justin bieber,selena gomez,chirs brown , and ariana grande . his favorite actress: meryl streep, and holly hunter. his favorite colour is blue and black. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

bts jimin album details

in the middle of that articel we aere taking about his album details. 2 cool 4 school( release date: june 12,2013),skool love affair( release date : fabruary 12,2014), dark and wild( release date: august 19,2014),wake up(release date: december 24,2014), the most beauty full moment in life,part-1(release date:april 29,2015), the most beautyfull moment in life ,part 2( release date:november 30,2015), the most beautyfull moment in life, BTS Jimin Biography 2022

BTS Jimin Biography 2022

young forever(release date:may2,2016), youth (japanese album) release date:september 7,2016, wings (release date: october 10,2016),love yourself: her(release date:september 18,2017),face your self(release date:april 4 ,2018),love yourself: tears( release date:may 18,2018),love your self anser(release date: august 24,2018),map of the soul: persona(release date: april 12,2019),map of the soul:7(release date: february 21,2020),be(release date:november 20,2020), all these are jimin’s album name. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

bts jimin other amajing fact’s

now we are talking about bts jimin other amaging fact’s,so till then stay tuned. bts jimin is a very caring person that’s why every bts member’s like him alot. in a conversation bts v and bts rm wae saying that thay want’s do marry there sister’s with jimin beacuse they are saying that bts jimin is so responsible and caring person.his favorite number is 3.bts jimin was the last member to join bts. jimin’s favorite bts song name is dionysus.bts jimin is the lead vocalist in bts .jimin’s favorite colour name is black.every army is say this word”from nibody to todays beatles is bts jimin. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

bts jimin fan followers, awards and eps

he is very famous among the young generation. his instagram followers is 7.2 million,twitter followers is 1.5 million,facebook 1,666,113 followers.melon music award: new artist of the year(2013),golden disk awards:newcomer award(2014),melon music award:bestmale dance award(2015)golden disk awards:disk bongsang(2016).school luv affair(2014),the most beautiful moment of life part 1(2015),the mostbeautifull moment of life part 2(2015) are his eps. BTS Jimin Biography 2022

BTS Jimin Biography 2022

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