BTS Army Get Fast Full Biography This Korean Band 2022

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BTS Army is The Most Popular Band In This World. We Provided You, How you can get all information of BTS. The BTS Full meaning is “Born The Stage” This group make by Big hit entertainment and it was started in 2013 at South Korea. This Group is fully legendary for every Army.

BTS Army Get Fast Full Biography

they are  also known as bangtan boys because there first you  tube channel  name is bangtan tv.this group is  verry  popular among the young generation. there  are seven member in bts. jin,suga , jangkook,v,rm,jhope

BTS Fan Follower List

and jimin are the bts member. all the members of bts are so talented and thats why there popularity is increase  day by day in the whole world.  dynamite,dna,boy with luv,permeation to dance,  butter, ware of hormone, etc are BTS hit tracks.  in the popularity , BTS is so different because bts has a strong fan  follower.

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The group  gain a lot of awards , but the group is so suffered   when they started there musical  career , they face many problem manly many problem was so strongest problem for them. but they face all the problem. That’s why they can  became success in there a word everyone know bts is the king of the kpoop industry , and everyone agree that no one kpoop group  cant take place of BTS.

In every musical ways they are great. all the members of bts can sing song. there  lead singers are jin , suga , jangkook,v and jimin. that group has 3 rapper, they are rm, suga and jhope. all the rapper  can fast rapping. they all are well dancer specially the main dancer is Jhope & Jimin and  v ,  jungkook are the lead dancer. there first albam name is 2 cool 4 school.  ”no more dream” is the  first bts song. every bts member are such a telented guy.

there group is  known as a hiphop type group.  bts song is so  different in every angel. ”serendipity, stay gold, singularitiy, danger, no more dream, life goes on, black swan,on,chicken noodles, spring day, not today, save me,blood sweat and tears, dynamite, idol, mic drop, fake love, boy with  luv, dna, permission to dance, butter, fire, dope , film out, run, coffee, blue and grey, war of hormone ” are the hit  song tracks. agust d is  a solo   song which cover by bts  suga.

bts the most viewed song name is boy with luv.  now  as a army you  have to know about bts members birth place, now we are talking about this bts v s birth place is daegu south korea, bts jungkook  birth place is mandeok dong busan south korea, jimin birth place is busan south korea, jin s birth place is gwacheon gyeonggi do soouth korea, jhope birth place is gwanju south korea,

bts suga s birth place is buk gu daegu south korea,and bts rm birth place is ilsan gyeonggi do south korea.age as in 2021  is  v- 26 years,  jungkook- 24 years,  jimin-26 years, jin- 29 years, jhope-27 years, suga-28 years,rm-27 years. in hight v- 5’10.5”/179 cm, jungkook- 5’10”/178cm, jimin-5’9/175cm, jin-5’10.5”/179cm,  jhope-5’10”/177cm,  suga-5’9”/176cm ,  rm-55555’11”/181cm.

the most tollest member of that group is rm and his full name is kim namjum. kim namjun is the leader of that group.  kim namjun’s  iq lebel is just wow .  in the fact  it’s interesting how 4 of 7 have the same blood type. you rarely see that outside of families . they truly  live   together  like a happy family. every bts member has a   good educational qualification. bts jin has done master’s bcz and he is the oldest.another jungkook  is doing his graduation bcz and jungkook is the youngest member of bts.

2 member of bts have universional  blood group jin and suga.  one of the most talented … hardwarking and humble artists ever.. they deserve all the respect and love  in the world for their music.can we just appreciate kim namjun as a leader. leading the biggest boy band in the world .it’s not a easy. he  works so hard and he is always try’s to stay positive and amazing even through all the hardships and bullying .

 in the started  they are suffer very much  manily they suffer for money problem. that’s whay  you can say that” from smallest company to biggest from noting to legends it is  bts”. in 2016 they win the mma winner of album of the year.   every army say this word ” bts don’t need awards, awards shows needs bts”. they deserved all   awards coz  they  work so hard.

one of the most hard working humble and most talented k pop group  is bts.



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