Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography Checkout Correct 2022

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Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography. blackpink is a south korean girl group. blackpink is made by ” yg entertainment”. blackpink mean” pretty is not everything’.  there are 4 members in blackpink.    jennie, lisa, jisso, rose are the member’s of blackpink. blackpink is the biggest k-pop girl group on the planet.  and here is a questain how blackpink became the biggest k-pop  girl  band on the planet?

yeah there is a story behind there success.  blackpink degu in 2016. there first song is ” whistle”.  blackpink became   success   because   they  are very talented and in there straggaling time they was n’t  give up. blackpink  gives us many hit tracks.  lalisa, money, ddu-du- ddu- du,kill this love, boombayah, as if it’s your last, how you like that,whistle

Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography

Playing with fire, ice cream, lovesick girls, forever young, solo, on the ground, pretty savage, beet you wanna, crazy over you, kick it, don’t know what to do, love to hate me, hope not to see you later, so hot, DDU- du- ddu du, you never know, gone, stay, whistle, kiss, and makeup and sour candy are the Blackpink hit tracks. all theses song is very popular among the young generation. blackpink most viral and viwed song is ddu-du-ddu-du. ddu-du-du song views crossed 1.7 billion.

All the members are very talented. Lisa is the main dancer and lead vocalist of that group. [Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography] Lisa is the youngest member of Blackpink. she is very popular on Instagram because she has 31 million followers. That’s why Lisa is the most followed k pop female artist .lisa is the most beautiful Korean girl. Lisa’s height is so perfect, and in height, she is 5.5’inchichs. Her birthplace is Thailand. blackpink achive many international opportunatiy.

Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography Information

Black ink fan is known as blink. Black pink Jennie is the main rapper and lead vocalist in the group. Jennie is so talented. Her fan is saying that Jennie is the cutest human on the earth. Jennie is a South Korean girl. She is the first selected girl in that group. Jennie’s height is 5.4′ inches.

blackpink jissu is the main visusialist and lead dancer.Black pink jissu’s height is5.3′ inc every Blackpink member’s can sing-song, rap, and dance. The last member, rose, is the main vocalist and lead dancer. Black pink rose’s height is 5.6′ inches. Blackpink is the first girl group which girl group cover billboard magazine. Black ink is the first girl group which girl group is steam’s 1 billion views on youtube.

Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography Info

Black ink all the members are always saying the word ” Blackpink in your area”. Blackpink is a famous girl group. They can become famous because their song is perfectly made and is so different. that’s why everyone says this word “Blackpink is the k pop queen.”

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Blackpink was nominated for many award’s and Blackpink gained a lot of awards. Blackpink attends many international tours, which is why they can become international artists. blackpink can speak languages. These languages are Korean, English, Japanese, [Black Pink K-Pop Girl Full Biography]


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