BDIX FTP Server List | Accessible New Update [100% Worked]

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BDIX FTP Server List. BDIX FTP Server is a server from which you can easily download movies, software, various types of computer games and various types of mobile apps. It is its own server so download speed can be taken as desired. Today we will discuss in detail below how to use this BDIX FTP server.

BDIX FTP Server List | Accessible New Update [100% Worked]


How We Can Use BDIX FTP Server

The important thing is how you use the BDIX FTP server. You can’t use it if you want to. You must have a broad brand internet connection to use it. And not only broadband internet connection, you will have this BDIX FTP IP connection in your internet connection, otherwise you will not be able to access the websites of BDIX FTP server.

How does BDIX FTP server work?

How Works BDIX Server

Hard disks are created together by many computers or lines, then new movies, software, etc. are stored on those hard disks, delivered to only those through different named websites or with the ability to download BDIX. Have access to FTP. We Provided You All BDIX FTP Server Link List In Below.

BDIX FTP Server List

  1. Movie Mela Live
  2. Movie Haat
  3. Discovery FTP
  4. VootBd
  5. OnBDIX
  6. Natural BD
  7. Boss BD
  8. Moja Loss
  9. The Introvision
  10. Fun Time BD
  11. Quick Online FTP
  12. E-Box File Server
  13. IT Base BD
  14. Movie Server – English
  16. Movie Server – Bangla
  17. Dhaka Movie
  18. Seba IT
  19. Panda Club BD
  20. Jhal Muri
  21. Asian FTP
  22. Net@Home BD
  23. Dhaka – FTP
  24. .Net Movie Server
  25. VdoMela FTP 
  26. Media FTP
  27. GenVideos
  28. Dnet Drive FTP
  29. Inspire FTP
  30. Bongo BD FTP
  31. SAM FTP
  32. Mango Gamers
  33. CrazyCTG
  34. MyBDPlex
  35. Net Matrix BD
  36. Quick Online
  37. City Cloud
  38. Kiss Anime
  39. Movie Box BD
  40. BD Lan
  41. DFN DB
  42. Spark Net BD


  1. Film Jogot
  2. ATS Media Server
  3. Free Download BD
  4. SAM Online
  5. Circle Network
  6. D NeT BD
  7. Bot-Tola Cyber Net
  8. KS Network
  9. Moja Loss
  10. Join4Flim
  11. Film World

BDIX-FTP-Server-List All Update

BDIX FTP TV Server Link

  1. SAM Online Live
  2. Live TV
  3. Jago TV
  4. BDIX Media TV
  5. TV Server 1
  6. Amar BD
  7. Watch Live Cricket
  8. GTV Live

BDIX FTP Software Server List

  1. Info Internet Server For Software

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Why We Use BDIX FTP Server

Its Simple Question for everyone. We are addicted on internet world. also we watching Movies, Songs, Drama, TV Show, Sports as like Cricket, Football Etc. every multimedia sector need High speed internet. and that’s reason for using BDIX FTP Server.

BDIX FTP Server Always Give You 15 MB To 100 MB Internet Download Speed for Download Everything also can Watching live TV Shows, Without Buffering. Internet Brodband Providers are help for you using BDIX FTP Server List.

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